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  1. Jim Rath says:

    Good morning Jordan & Family,

    Drove home this morning from visiting my girlfriend in the cities last nite, stopped at the Family Restaurant in Owatonna for some breakfast…grabbed yesterday’s paper. In about 3 minutes I had the ‘jist’ of what happened to Jordan. I’m sorry. I know sorry doesn’t do much.

    It is inconceivable to me that any judge would convict Jordan based on the facts of this case. Likewise, when the courts used to use the ‘reasonably prudent person standard’ it would be obvious that no man, even drunk would not do or attempt to do what had been alleged by this accuser; no less in the company of her boyfriend. No less from someone who was squeekie clean and highly intelligent. I can’t believe a judge would make these findings of ‘guilt’ when the burden of proof is clearly on the prosecution’s side.

    15 years ago a girl I dated got pregnant, here mother made it nearly impossible for me to be involved or to see my daughter. For no other good reason than so that she could have my daughter all to herself. Two attorneys, I fired, who were afraid to push back against the referees and judges who kept pandering to this woman who repeatedly violated court orders, concealed my child from me… I feel like my late 20’s and 30’s were taken from me too…

    I wish you the very best Jordan. I’m very sorry you had to endure this injustice.

    Be strong,


  2. April Switzer says:

    To Jordan and Family:

    It is a shame that Jordan had to experience this situation. I am just glad to see that he is still strong to continue with his life goals. I knew Jordan from NFLD School, what a great young man I knew. To see him go after getting to the Olympics is truely inspirering.

  3. cody tracy says:

    jordan i love to see u. u r a nice guy i ever met. thanks a lot