Who Is Jordan?

May 2007

The four years and eight months since the original accusation have provided us, Jordan’s brothers, endless opportunities to contemplate this question. Who is Jordan Robert Holm?

It’s a very easy question for us to answer and enjoyable to think about. After all, not only do we know him better than anyone else, we are alike in so many ways and grew up under the guidance of the same devoted parents. Jordan is not the “bad apple.” If anything, out of all of us, he’s the good one. He’s the one the rest of us look to for an example of endurance, just jordanoptimism, patience, joy, faithfulness, and strength in adversity.
Jordan lives his life with an eternal perspective:
Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. James 1:2,3
But merely answering this question is not enough. How do we explain who Jordan is to someone who doesn’t know him? How do we convince them of his innocence? How do we persuade you to contend with us for his freedom? These are the questions that seem to be taking too long to answer. Honestly, we don’t really know the answers. We try to look at things from an impartial perspective, but we know we are biased by our love for our brother. Fortunately, the physical evidence and the facts in Jordan’s case are easy to understand and virtually indisputable (yes, we realize that the sole fact finder, the judge, in Jordan’s trial found them to be difficult to understand and easy to dismiss but we believe that the truth and science will prevail). We have posted some of the public records of the case on the Case History page in case you would like to investigate for yourself.

Brothers Justin, John, Jason & Joshua, & sister Julia


♦ Here are some letters written by Jordan’s fellow inmates:


♦ A video of a song written about Jordan:
August 2011


♦ A video taken seconds after Jordan won the 2011 US Open National Championship in Greco-Roman wrestling at 84kg:
April 2011

♦ An excerpt from an open letter written by Jordan’s brother, Jason, in June of 2006:

“…I want people to understand who Jordan is.  I realize that Jordan isn’t perfect.  I understand this probably more than most people because I’m his brother and we share everything- weaknesses, struggles and mistakes included.  But Jordan is a man of integrity and character.  Jordan is someone who I have always known to stand up for his beliefs.  Jordan is one who is willing to live by his principles no matter what other people say.  Jordan has the courage to do what is right.  Jordan has been very careful to build and guard his reputation.  Jordan is forthright and candid.  Jordan honors his word and his commitments.  Jordan is dependable.  Jordan does what he is supposed to do.  Jordan is the best kind of friend and brother.  Jordan is loyal.  Jordan stands by and protects his family and friends.  Jordan does treat others the way he would like to be treated.  Jordan does respect the dignity, privacy and freedom of other people.  Jordan does respect other people’s property.  Jordan is tolerant, respectful, and accepting of people who are different from him.  Jordan acts peacefully and is quick to turn the other cheek in spite of his physical presence.  Jordan does accept responsibility for the consequences of his choices.  Jordan does think long term.  Jordan does set an example.  Jordan works hard.  Jordan is diligent.  Jordan is prudent and takes pride in being self-disciplined.  Jordan sets lofty goals and reaches them.  Jordan has always believed in fighting for justice.  Jordan does know the difference between what he has a right to do and what is the right thing to do.  Jordan is compassionate and empathetic.  Jordan is kind, loving and considerate.  Jordan does play by the rules.  Jordan is quick to obey his parents, teachers, coaches and others who have authority over him.  Jordan does have moments of weakness- we all do.

Jordan is not prone to lying, cheating, tricking, or being deceptive.  Jordan doesn’t betray a trust.  Jordan does not use or manipulate others.  Jordan does not have a tendency to abuse, demean or mistreat anyone.  Jordan does not rely on threats of physical force to get what he wants.  He is not quick to insult, ridicule or intentionally embarrass someone- even if they are a stranger.  Jordan puts forth great effort to not make excuses or blame others for wrong actions.  Jordan certainly does not take advantage of other people in their weakness.  Jordan is not a mean, cruel, or insensitive person.  In the weakest of moments, Jordan would never, ever sexually violate anyone.

That is a brief glimpse of the kind of person Jordan Holm is- and I chose my words carefully.  I don’t believe there to be a single person in this world who has known Jordan on any kind of personal level who would disagree with these statements in general.  I encourage and challenge any reader to prove me wrong.  Ask if Jordan is loyal. Ask if Jordan is prone to lying.  Ask if Jordan is impulsive.  Ask if Jordan is violent.  Ask if Jordan is self-disciplined.  Ask if Jordan is well thought out.  I’m not an idiot and of course there are exceptions when Jordan has lied or has even been impulsive but these are the exceptions to who Jordan is and he has been very intentional about never straying far from the kind of person he holds himself to the lofty standard of being.  I, of all people, am keenly aware of Jordan’s weaknesses but I stand by the portrayal of the person I feel he truly is.  My point is, I know Jordan very well, but don’t just take my word for it.  Ask around.  I encourage you to read the letters that people have written about who they see Jordan to be...”

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