The primary purpose of this site is to proclaim the truth regarding the legal case The State of Iowa vs. Jordan Robert Holm. Jordan's success in wrestling, while not directly related to the case, has been a testament to his character.  His wrestling accomplishments have also helped to raise awareness about who he is and what he has endured. Jordan would like to keep wrestling separate from his legal issues, but at this point he realizes that is impossible.


Some of his folkstyle accomplishments include:
1999 Minnesota State Champion
2000 Minnesota State Champion
2002 Northern Iowa Open Champion
2002 NCAA Western Regional Champion


International style wrestling:
1998 Cadet Greco Roman National Champion
2000 Junior Greco Roman National Champion
2001 FILA Junior Greco Roman National Runner-up
2002 University National Champion and Outstanding Wrestler
2002 University World Team Member
  •   •   •
2010 Senior Northern Plains Freestyle Champion (2 weeks after his release)
2010 Senior Northern Plains Greco Roman Champion
2010 Arvo Haavisto (Finland) Silver Medalist
2011 Pan American Championships (Columbia) Bronze Medalist
2011 Senior US Open Greco Roman National Champion
2012 US Olympic Trials Finalist
2012 NYAC International Silver Medalist
2012 MN Holiday Cup Champion
2013 Dave Schultz Memorial Invitational Champion
2013 Pan American Championships (Panama) Bronze Medalist 
2013 US Open National Champion
2013 World Team Member
2013 MN Holiday Cup Champion
2014 Dave Schultz Memorial Invitational Champion
2014 US Open National Champion
2014 World Team Member
2015 Golden Grand Prix (Hungary) Champion
2015 US Open National Champion & OW
2015 World Team USA Member


Click on the Dream Fund page to learn about supporting Jordan as he pursues his goal of representing the United States at the 2013 World Championships in Budapest and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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